BEST places to get coffee beans in HOI AN

In this articles, there will be a hint to find the best places to buy coffee beans in Hoi An. As known as the world’s second-largest exporter of coffee beans (after Brazil), probably the most worthy gifts which you can bring from Vietnam while traveling here is Vietnamese coffee.  You can use it for yourself or it can be a present to your family, friends and so on. There is no exaggeration for coffee beans in Vietnam, it’s simply wonderful. In a country where coffee is a part of their culture, coffee can be found easily at every corner in Vietnam. Mainly producing the  “Robusta” bean, seen as the lower quality bean, but efforts are being made to enhance production of the “Arabica” bean, considered the best. The vast majority of coffee in Vietnam is grown in DaLat – the Central Highlands, and Buon Ma Thuot is the most renown.   best places to get coffee beans in hoi an

But do we really need to go there for buying beans? It’s unnecessary anymore, now you can buy it here in Hoi An. Check these coffee shop below for buying the best coffee beans to full fill your amazing experience while traveling to Hoi An.


Address: Always proud to be one of the best coffee shops in Hoi An. Phin coffee now is being the station of coffee drinkers from all over the world when they are traveling to Hoi An . Their coffee beans farmed in Da Lat – the capital of Vietnam coffee, hand-picked for the best quality of green beans, then roasted freshly at their shop for the freshness. Phin coffee distributes coffee not only for Hoi An cafe but also around Vietnam. Pass by for a coffee at the cafe, you will see every steps of how your coffee is made. Simply the best experience ever. Here are some of their products and the price.
Types of beansPrice (250g)Best for
Robusta125,000 VNDDrip coffee, Espresso, Moka pot, Cafeteria
Phin Blend
(70% Arabica, 30% Robusta)
150,000 VNDDrip coffee, Espresso, Cafeteria, Moka pot
Dalat Arabica175,000 VNDDrip coffee, Espresso, Cafeteria
Honey Red
– light
– medium

250,000 VND

– French Press, Cold brew, pour over
– Espresso, Moka pot, Cafeteria, Drip coffee
Red Bourbon300,000 VNDPour-over, French press, Cold brew
Yellow Bourbon300,000 VNDPour-over, French press, Cold brew


Address: best places to buy beans in hoi an A traditional local style coffee shop – typifying the coffee culture in rural areas. Mr Luong has started the cafe business for 8 years and produced his own roasting café for 3 years. He travels to the central highland to choose the best source of beans then bring back home to process by his DIY roasting machine which he learnt how to do by researching Youtube videos ! His café now distributes the coffee to shops & restaurants in Hoi An & Da Nang area.
Types of coffeePrice (250g)
100% Arabica140,000 VND
Traditional coffee120,000 VND
100% Arabica Honey & Catimor150,000 VND


Address: 20 Phan Boi Chau Mia coffee. best places to buy coffee beans

Photo: Miacoffee

Mia Coffee is highly appreciated by many coffee connoisseurs for its distinctive flavor. The shop is quite small, with seats lined up on the porch and a balcony, where you can see the streets very interesting. If you want to enjoy strong roasted coffee, tell the barista in advance to get the desired drink. Mia’s atmosphere is cool and comfortable even in summer, Wi-Fi is always available, so there is no reason for not coming to Mia in the days of coffee craving in Hoi An.


This is one of the most beautiful and eye-catching café in the heart of Hoi An ancient town. Hoi An Roastery Coffee is a chain within 7 different café. Hoi An roastery. Best places to buy coffee beans Despite the common name Hoi An Roastery, but Roastery Center at 47 Le Loi has the most beautiful layout. With spacious space and a traditional breath. The highlight of the bar is the wooden rafter, combined with a unique ceiling lamp stylized from bamboo bird cages. About the taste, the coffee here is impeccable. Both rich and passionate aroma. In addition, you can also enjoy some Italian ice cream – the combination of coffee and ice cream is really great. Perfect for you to sip and admire. Is this enough to entice you to the café in the old town of Hoi An? Check out their products and price here.
Types of coffeePrice (250g)
100% Arabica169,000 VND
100% Robusta139,000 VND
Espresso Blend159,000 VND
7 difference cafes now is easy accessible in the old town with detail below.
  1. Japanese Brigde – 135 Tran Phu
  2. Temple – 685 Hai Ba Trung
  3. Center – 47 Le Loi
  4. Bistro – 95 Bach Dang
  5. Market – 31 Tran Phu
  6. Lantern street – 117 Nguyen Thai Hoc
  7. Roastery 7 – 36 Tran Quy Cap

Want to have more coffee experience in Hoi An, check out Hoi An must visit café for more information.        

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