Hoi An ride and dine - motorbike tour

Motorbike tour – Hoi An RIDE and DINE


“When in Hoi An, eat like the Hoianians do”

Known as the most famous international commercial port amongst local people, with merchant ships from Japan, China and the West visiting trade since the 17th century, Hoi An has attracted millions of migrants over the years who brought their own culinary traditions as well as their ingredients with them, making Hoi An a new capital of Vietnamese cuisine.

With very different atmospheres between day-time and night-time, just imagine how enjoyable it would be to explore this rich culinary heritage on a bike under the dark sky with lantern light?

Locally-based in the heart of Hoi An, we have the first-hand experience and knowledge to ensure your Hoi An Ride and Dine experience will be wonderful. No matter who you are, an epicure or just a simple food lover, whether you are a solo traveller or big group, our specially-designed Hoi An food tours will take you through this beautiful historic centre of gastronomy to experience the real vibrant taste of the city.


You need bring nothing but an empty stomach and an open mind to savour our local dishes and delve into the history behind Hoi An food, and experience with our professional insider and guide the influence that Chinese and French cuisines and flavours have had on the region.

As the sun goes down, we won’t visit the night market mentioned in your guidebook – instead we will explore the tastiest dishes paired with local beers that the city has to offer – authentic cooking in alleyways, street corners, and neighbourhoods where few tourists venture.


Start this foodies adventure with Black sesame soup to simulate all your appetites in combination with the  story of Ba Le well where the water is considered sacred and is used for cooking most traditional well-known foods in Hoi An, including this Black sesame soup.

We then hop on a bike again and travel to the corner of Bánh Bèo Chén – another must try in central Vietnam – which is made from rice flour hardened like jelly with shrimp sauce poured over and crispy pork crackling topping.

After that, we continue our eating dream with the next short ride to the lane of Bánh Xèo and Bò lá Lốt, a combination of simple dishes based on Yin-Yang philosophy.

Fancy getting a glimpse of nightlife in Hoi An? Don’t follow the herd, the next ride would definitely amaze you. Let us take you to Cam Nam restaurant – a lively neighbourhood on the other side of the Thu Bon river for some cold beers and hotpot.

Having worked your way through the origins of local dishes, you now make a stop at the White Rose restaurant and see how Vietnamese cuisine developed with the influence from China. And indulge yourselves in a classic taste, the deep flavours of Bánh mì the most obvious French-influenced dish. It has become a typical food of Vietnam in general and Hoi An in particular. The food always reflects the rich history and culture of the area.

Let this foodies’ adventure end up at Highway #4 with a truly authentic taste of Sơn Tinh craft rice liquor, Vietnam’s only internationally awarded spirit, evolved using natural and unique ingredients over a 1000 year-old drinking tradition, and learn more about the journey to bring Vietnamese rice liquor from zero to hero.